The life purpose of each and every humankind is to do good and be good. We see many people around us who live in  the path of love and justice. And we also experienced the  goodness of many humans who supported the people of kerala at the time of several crisis. Here,  I extend my sincere wishes and dedicate   to the public the  A- touch video magazine  launched by Radio Angelos which is meant   to enlighten people with knowledge,  virtues and  ray of hope. 

       A Touch would present you  all sorts of write-ups,  stories,  poems,  information and travelogues in one touch. 

    We are amid  a number of videos and magazines every day.  Why A Touch differs from those is that it is provided with things which console and soothe    our mind. So I remind all of you  to appreciate  this new venture wholeheartedly.