Radio Angelos

Divine Mercy Unlimited

Be merciful as your heavenly Father is merciful!¯ - Luke 6:36 "Year of Mercy" special program focusing to spread the waves of God's infinite mercy so as to urge everyone to dip in the ocean of His great mercy.

Good News

A value based program reporting positive news and inspiring everyone to be a Good news for the world.

Little Buddies

“You have trained children and babies to offer perfect praise“ Matthew 21:16 Highlight of this program itself is the cute way of presention of stories, songs, life of Biblical characters and saints by little kids

Maid of the Handmaid

Spiritual Reflection Message by Actress Mohini Christina Srinivasan

My Soulmate

Personal Chat with Jesus


Weekend reflection program which reels back through the journey of life


Radio Angelos

Radio Angelos, the online catholic radio is God's instrument and evangelical tool for proclaiming the gospel and message of Christ. Spreading the waves of love, peace and joy in human hearts, Angelos aids its listeners to have a close communion with God, for experiencing his unique splendid love and for discovering themselves as God's child and thus identifying their mission and commitment to the Lord.

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