Divine Mercy Unlimited

Divine Mercy Unlimited

“Be merciful as your heavenly Father is merciful!” - Luke 6:36

"Year of Mercy" special program focusing to spread the waves of God's infinite mercy so as to urge everyone to dip in the ocean of His great mercy.

Good News

Good News

A value based program reporting positive news and inspiring everyone to be a Good news for the world.

Little Buddies

Little Buddies

“You have trained children and babies to offer perfect praise” – Matthew 21:16

Highlight of this program itself is the cute way of presention of stories, songs, life of Biblical characters and saints by little kids

Maid of the Handmaid

Maid of the Handmaid

Spiritual Reflection Message by Actress Mohini Christina Srinivasan

My Soulmate

My Soulmate

Personal Chat with Jesus



Weekend reflection program which reels back through the journey of life.


Lenten Reflection Thoughts

Valentine Special Programmes

Me and My Valentine

Month of love special program

Christmas Special Programmes

Christmas Programs

Advent and Christmas Special Programs

Onam special Programmes

Onam Challenge

Onam Special Value Based Program

radio Dramas

Portraying the beauty and sweetness of Christian life through mini radio dramas.

Seasonal Programmes

Special programs corresponding to different seasons.

Know our Radio

Radio Angelos
  • Why the name “Angelos”?

    The word 'Angel' is taken from the Greek word 'Angelos' which means 'Messenger'. The aim of this radio itself is to become a heavenly messenger to convey God’s message to everyone, stirring them to do the will of God thus guiding their way to heaven. The close proximity of the name and aim inspires to choose the radio name as Angelos. So Radio Angelos is like your guardian angel, which will be at your side assisting and guiding you to take the right path, to do God’s will and thus helping you to get to heaven.

  • Behind Radio Angelos

    A team of young people, who experienced God’s love and call, decided to exploit their skills and talents for the kingdom of God. In this ultra tech era, evil is deceiving people by taking the glittering and charming form to capture their attraction and to keep them stray away from God. So the challenge was to make use of the same technology with its entire means to reveal the magnificent love of God with its true colors and taste to stay them close to God. Taking it as their mission the young minds started to explore new ideas and instigate a new platform to proclaim the message of God. Identifying the scope and range of online radio, they decided to make the most of it by mixing variety of ideas, style, and colors to it so as to produce the best fruit for God’s Kingdom.

  • Mission

    To establish a medium by means of modern skills and technologies which help to build a close communion with God thus leading many souls to know the truth and salvation.


    Our vision is to connect every soul with Christ thus inspiring them to follow and to live for him.